Welcome to the Gadsden Community Health Council (GCHC)

Founded in 2004, the GCHC is a not-for-profit organization comprised of concerned citizens, community leaders, and community agencies serving Gadsden County with the intent to create a comprehensive and integrated health care system.

Our Vision

for Gadsden County is a community with a comprehensive and integrated health care system that helps all its citizens accept personal responsibility for becoming informed about, and committed to, healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Mission

  • Coordinate requests for new resources for care and prevention
  • Coordinate the delivery of health services in the county
  • Establish linkages between the local hospital and other health organizations and providers
  • Target increased access to health education programs
  • Identify priority health care needs for the community from an area wide needs assessment
  • Develop an action plan for priority areas
  • Identify available and potential resources for the community
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current programs
  • Evaluate the adequacy of current resources
  • Provide technical assistance to the 2010 Steering Committee, providers, community groups as needed or requested
  • Provide evaluation and continuous feedback on progress toward the Councils goals
  • Coordinate with the Health Department and report progress and outcome attainment